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Grow your Lifestyle

Relaxed & Safe

Buloke offers a lifestyle others can only dream about. Relaxed and welcoming, it is one of the safest places in the world. The crime rate is sixty percent less than the state average. With a population of fewer than one person per square kilometre, you never feel crowded and it‘s nothard to find peace and quiet when you need it. The towns are relatively small: everybody knows everybody. If you are missing, someone will notice. If your kids do something wrong, someone will tell you about it. If they do something right, they’ll celebrate with you. If you leave your car lights on, it won’t be long before someone lets you know. Because people care about each other, the community is family friendly, comfortable and secure.


If things seem to go more slowly in the country, that’s because you have more time! You won’t spend countless hours travelling to and from work or standing in queues. Most people can buy a house in town within ten minutes walking distance from work. If you choose to drive, there are no traffic jams, no road rage and no tolls!


Just about everyone plays some form of sport and the facilities are excellent. However, if sportisn’t your forté don’t worry; you will still be made welcome. In any case, there are many other ways to be involved in the sporting arena: you can become a committee member, a coach or trainer or even just a spectator. The sporting environment is particularly good for children as they all get to have a go, no matter what their skill level. Playing sport teaches them team work, how to get along with others and engenders a great sense of community belonging. There’s nothing like a winter Saturday at the footy; everyone’s there, everyone’s involved.


There are many opportunities for recreation. The vast Mallee landscape is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors: you can walk, revel in the fascinating and varied flora and fauna or join one of the many community groups or clubs. There are adult education classes, which vary from Tai Chi and Yoga to advanced computer lessons. The towns have “men’s sheds”, where many men meet and build things and help with community projects. Organisations such as the “CWA” and “Room for One” perform similar functions for women.

Grow Your Lifestyle

Buloke gives you room to breathe and space to grow in safe, relaxed and welcoming communities. Take the time to come our way and see for yourself: one of the best lifestyle opportunities in Australia is here waiting for you.

Kylie Brown and Family

Kylie Brown and husband Allan are the proprietors of the Wycheproof Post Office in the Buloke Shire. In addition to managing a demanding business, Kylie is actively involved in a number of Community projects in Wycheproof in the Buloke Shire.

Remembering family holidays spent in rural Victoria spurred Kylie and her husband Allan to take the plunge and move from Melbourne to ‘the country’.

After initially buying a house in Macedon, they eventually settled in Wycheproof, Buloke Shire, seven years ago. At that time, they purchased the Wycheproof Post Office.

"Wycheproof has been great for us. It has a relaxed lifestyle; it is very friendly and a safe place to raise our daughter Kate. We are also very impressed with the education and class sizes at the P-12 school," Kylie explained.

Kylie in particular has become very involved in community projects, finding it an effective way to meet people and to make a positive difference to the community.

“There are so many activities to choose from: sport, civic, improvements, social groups. Or you can just lap up the freedom and the atmosphere”.

Sense of Community

Kylie’s example in contributing strongly to community events and development shows that a rural lifestyle doesn’t equate with boredom.

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Getting around Buloke

Download the map of Buloke Shire.


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