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Grow your Family

Safe Family Environment

Buloke communities are family friendly, comfortable and secure, because people care about each other. If you are missing, someone will notice. If your kids do something wrong, someone will tell you about it. If they do something right, they’ll celebrate with you. People you may not know will be quite willing to take your kids to the footy or cricket or drive them home after drama practice.


If you or your family are sick, it is usual that you will be able to see your family doctor that day; you don’t have to wait a week or go and see another doctor. If you have to go to hospital, you will probably know the nursing staff. In an emergency, the air ambulance can have you at a major hospital in little more time than it would take if you lived in an outer suburb of Melbourne.


Education for young families is an outstanding feature of life in Buloke, from kindergarten throughto VCE. Schools in Buloke have the latest facilities, including high-speed broadband Internet connections. The quality of the Internet allows for real-time video classrooms so that students can participate in classes with other schools. This means that students can choose almost any subject at VCE level. Completion rates for VCE are second to none, and results are the envy of many of their city counterparts.


Sport is a real family event in Buloke; in the winter when footy season starts the whole family goes. The kids are part of one or more teams either as players, scorers or waterboys. “Going to the footy” is a real family social day out: hockey, netball and football are all played at the same venue at the same time. If the adults are not playing, they will often be involved as an official or as a volunteer, but others are simply spectators. Whatever the role, it’s a chance to dress up and join in.

The sporting environment is particularly good for children as they all get to have a go, no matter what their skill level. Playing sport teaches them team work, how to get along with others and engenders a great sense of community belonging. There’s nothing like a winter Saturday at the footy; everyone’s there, everyone’s involved.


Families love the many opportunities for recreation in Buloke, ranging from lazing by the lakes to camping in the bush and enjoying the fascination of the vast Mallee landscape with its varied flora and fauna. Families can join in the drama group, sing along with Sing Australia or join any of themany community groups or clubs.


Buloke gives families room to breathe and space to grow in safe, relaxed and welcoming communities. Make the move to Buloke and give your family one of the best lifestyle opportunities in Australia; it’s here waiting for you.

Happy families

HarrisFamilyUntil a few years ago, Rose and Ash Harris lived a classic urban life: two young children, a one-and-a half-hour commute into the city, a desire to own their own home and a vague sense that other possibilities must exist.

Their origins were in the Wimmera; they often returned home to visit their families. Rose explains: “I loved the country and so did the kids. In fact, after a visit, they would cry all the way back to Melbourne. Donald in the Buloke Shire seemed to tick every box we were looking for, the community impressed us, the schools had great reputations and most of all the safe environment for our children was too good to pass up.”

Decision taken, they now live in their just out of town on a farm where they enjoy the serenity and the beatiful sunsets and sunrises.

"Then there was the community,” Rose continues. “WOW! When we first moved in, we were welcomed to Donald in the Buloke Shire, an incredible fashion. People went out of their way to introduce themselves, to invite me and my kids to whatever was happening.” “Ash is now a qualified butcher and is looking to manage a local butcher shop while I have a role in community development with the local Council.”

“Our children are happy, and we encourage them to engage in any activity they wish because the fees are nominal compared with the amount we used to pay in the suburbs. They say it takes a village to raise a child. That is exactly what happens in Donald and across the Buloke Shire. We couldn’t be happier with our decision.”


There are many opportunities for recreation. The vast Mallee landscape is perfect for enjoying the great outdoors: you can walk, revel in the fascinating and varied flora and fauna or join one of the many community groups or clubs. There are adult education classes, which vary from Tai Chi and Yoga to advanced computer lessons. The towns have “men’s sheds”, where many men meet and build things and help with community projects. Organisations such as the “CWA” and “Room for One” perform similar functions for women.

Grow Your Lifestyle

Buloke Shire gives you room to breathe and space to grow in safe, relaxed and welcoming communities. Take the time to come our way and see for yourself: one of the best lifestyle opportunities in Australia is here waiting for you.

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